Bethania Careers

Sanitation Experts
Tek-Direct has been providing our expertise in Food Safety/Sanitation and Laundry systems for over 15 years. Our comprehensive programs include products, dispensing equipment, support materials, trainings, and our industry unique service model. READ MORE
We THINK Green!
At Tek-Direct we pride ourselves on selectively aligning ourselves with manufacturers that carry green products. We make sure we choose only those that show the initiative towards safety and the conservation of our environment throughout their product line. We strive to help your facility buy green at competitive prices while not compromising quality. READ MORE
Value Added Solutions
We put in systems that are not only price competitive, but it’s the method in which we implement our program that really becomes significant to you. From cleaning procedure reviews and comprehensive cost analysis, to creating sanitation manuals and conducting training programs, we provide you added value. READ MORE